Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 1 - Weight Loss Marathon

If you know me it is no surprise that I have had my share of health problems the last couple of years. Starting with gallbladder issues in 2007, a month in the hospital with pancreatitis in 2008, and most recently thyroid cancer. I had my thyroid removed Monday, May 24, 2010. Right now they believe that they removed all of the cancerous tumors and hopefully when I go back in 5 weeks to check my tumor marker levels I can finally put this whole mess behind me. It's no doubt that I am absolutely tired of being sick! I am finally starting to feel like a normal person again since my surgery and it has only been a week! My version of normal and your version of normal are probably two completely different things. For the last 3 years I have been sick so I am not really sure how it feels to have a "normal" amount of energy. I have basically been running on fumes for 6 months trying to finish school for the summer. So you could imagine that this energy boost I am feeling now has given me a new lease on life.

With that said I figured it was about time to make some "life changes" to keep this healthy feeling going. Basically without saying the dreaded "d" word (diet...oops) I am going to start making some changes. Today is the first day and I am really excited! A little later I am going to post some goals and other misc. things so that when I look back I can see where my head, heart, and body was at! Also I am starting a really awesome project with my mom that I'll put up when we reach our goals! So get super excited about that!! I haven't decided if it will be a daily/weekly update type thing or not but I will definitely post on weigh-in days (Thursdays) and let you know my progress!! Lizzy is going to be helping me a lot and she is amazing! Wish me luck!!!


Miss Lizzy said...

Yes Mam' I sure am! But also..YOU will be helping me!! Looking forward to our journey together!