Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 56 - Been awhile

So it has definitely been awhile since I updated but I have had a pretty interesting time with everything that is going on. This last week in particular has just been ridiculous and not in a good way. Unfortunately it has put me in a bad emotional place. I am starting to wonder if I can really depend on anyone at all anymore. But on a different note, considering before this week I didn't really stay on the plan as well as I should have I don't have big numbers to report but I do have some and ultimately that is all that counts right?

This summer has flown by and there is only 4 weeks left. I can honestly say I cannot wait until school starts. I need some distraction from the things that are letting me down, or rather people. Sorry for the depressive entry but at this point this fairytale is looking pretty grim. :)